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Morning Cup o’ Music

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I realized that I slacked a bit last week with Good Apollo Volume 2, but this week I promise not to miss one day…considering we’re covering The Second Stage Turbine Blade as our focus album since the concert and WPR’s interview with Claudio Sanchez happens next week on Tuesday night.

The track that I’ve decided to lead you of with is titled “Neverender” and is the name of the tour that the band is currently doing featuring songs from this album. The song is told from Claudio Kilgannon’s perspective as he is fleeing his home planet of Hetricus to escape the Onstantine Priests. He is missing his family deeply and has no idea what happened to them except for the death of his brother and sisters. Little does he know that his mom and dad were shanghaied by General Mayo Deftinwolf. Claudio thinks about suicide but quickly dismisses it and decides to focus on finding out exactly what befell his family.

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