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Morning Cup o’ Music

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Today’s Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness track is an important one for the story and for the album. How important? Well wouldn’t you like to know?

The song for today, that I’ve chosen to end off the week of Good Apollo Vol. 1 is very important to EVERYTHING that’s occurring in the story’s continuity…besides it’s a bad ass song. The song “Mother May I” finds both The Writing Writer and Claudio Kilgannon coming to the realization as to what their roles in this drama is.

The Writing Writer finally understands that he is the God of the universe he has created in his story and that it is ultimately up to him to nudge his characters towards where they should be headed, i.e. Claudio becoming the Crowing and taking care of Wilhelm Ryan once and for all.

At the same time, Claudio finally understands that his fate is in the hands of God (aka, The Writing Writer). Sure, we know that Chase (aka The Vishual) can understand and listen to the writer as he speaks or his thoughts, but Claudio this whole time has been wondering where he fits into the grand scheme of things and it’s only when he comes across a bunch of papers spread out in front of him that spell “God Only Knows”, that he understands that he’s not the one in control of his fate at all.

I’m sure you’re confused right now, but I promise you that if you listen to the albums, it will all make sense. Starting Monday, I’m beginning in on Good Apollo Volume 2, titled No World For Tomorrow. Join me then as I begin week 3 of the Co & Ca experience.

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