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Sheesh, you’d think with this 4th day of MCoM being dedicated to Coheed & Cambria’s epic album Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One that The Writing Writer would have come to a decision about whether he will or won’t kill Ambellina in his story.

At least now we know that it was through the urging of Ten Speed (a demon shaped like a 10-speed bicycle) that finally caused TWW to give in and finally say…”Fuck it, I’m gonna kill her, she’ll do nothing but hold Claudio back”.

Today’s track is titled “Once Upon Your Dead Body” and despite the slightly pop sound that it has and the trademark Claudio Sanchez falsetto, the lyrics make this one of the most awesomely ironic songs I’ve ever heard. It sounds like something you’d play on the radio but the chorus is “I hope you die right now, will you drink my chemical” and the backup chorus is singing “once upon your dead body”. I find this just one of the most deliciously evil and fun songs off the album.

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