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Day three of our week of Good Apollo, I’m Burning star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness continues with one of the shorter songs off the album, but that doesn’t make it any less epic.

Today’s track, “Crossing the Frame” is all about the similarities between The Writing Writer’s love interest, Erica Court and all of the similarities that he sees within the character of Newo Ikkin…who is Claudio Kilgannon’s girlfriend when The Second Stage Turbine Blade was happening.

Both TWW and Claudio have loved and lost their respective ladies, and are now lamenting their lost relationships as it seems that both discovered that they were being cheated upon by spying into their bedroom windows. Since TWW sees the parallels of the Erica/Newo relationship, the hatred he feels is also upon both the real person and the character. As you might recall, the killing that TWW wants to visit upon Erica is instead done to Ambellina during “The Final Cut”, not Newo. The significance of this is that Claudio decides to move on from Newo considering he never honestly broke up with her or told her where he was going…he just disappeared.

Of course Claudio will always love Newo Ikkin, but instead he moves his sights onto Ambellina whom TWW sees as another character with Erica’s features that must die so that Claudio will quit wasting time and become The Crowing.

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