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Morning Cup o’ Music

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For those of you who might have just broken up with your girlfriend…this song is dedicated to all of you. Mr. Sanchez knows exactly how you feel.

Word of warning though, the video up there is graphic for a middle school kid, so if you don’t like pretend violence or murder, don’t watch it.

So as I said yesterday, The Writing Writer sees only one path for making Claudio Kilgannon join the fight against Wilhelm Ryan and The Red Army. What’s been holding him back from becoming The Crowing is the love that he has for the wingless Prise, Ambellina.

The writer inserts himself into his own story, ala Kurt Vonnegut, as a godlike character and takes Ambellina from Claudio and places her into a guillotine. The line “This is no beginning, this is the final cut” is him pulling the lever to the death machine and putting an end to Ambellina’s life.

Not only does this act propel the story by making Claudio lose all hope for humanity and therefore becoming The Crowing who will bring an end to the Keywork and subsequently, Heaven’s Fence. It also serves as the main method for The Writing Writer to be able to restore his sanity after the schism between himself and Erica Court. He kills the character that he feels most represents all of the traits he came to love in her and therefore can finally move on with his life and finish the story.

This album holds a very special place in my mind as one of the most creative and elaborately written pieces of art, yes I used the A word here, that I’ve ever listened to. There are meanings within meanings and the sheer fact that after this album finished it moved on to the final destruction of the story in the second volume, complete with more Roger Waters styled guitar solos.

It’s just magnificent and one of the reasons I love this group so much.

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