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We’ve officially made the jump from In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3, and are now coming over to the most excellent Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness (yes, that is the album’s full title) where we see The Amory Wars from the perspective of someone different.

It turns out that the story of The Amory Wars is being told/written from the mind of The Writing Writer, who to this point has been an unknown in the story, and is essentially the God of the Keywork and Heaven’s Fence…the same God that Wilhelm Ryan has been claiming doesn’t exist while the Prise and the Humans have been struggling to prove is still there and cares about this universe.

The album…how to best put it, is a gigantic break-up album where in The Writing Writer (TWW from now on) finds out that his girlfriend, Erica Court, has been screwing around on him. So they end up breaking up their relationship. TWW is pissed of course but doesn’t wish to do her any harm, yet at the same time, there are characters in the story he is writing (The Amory Wars) that are based on Ms. Court. TWW becomes even more paranoid and mentally ill as the story goes and eventually goes temporarily bonkers and schizophrenic. He transfers all of the rage that he was feeling into the personality that he sees in real-life as his 10-speed bicycle in the form of a demon.

Ten Speed urges TWW to get even with Erica by killing off the characters that she is based on in the story. TWW realizes then that one of the major things holding Claudio Kilgannon (the protagonist) back from accepting his fate as the savior/destroyer of the Keywork as the Crowing is the love that the character feels for the Prise bodyguard who has been watching over Claudio for the last decade.

This song lays that groundwork needed to help propel the story into what we see in Volume Two of this series…but you’ll have to wait until next week to hear about that.

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