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We’ve reached the end of In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 today…and we’re going out to the weekend with the most gut-busting guitar laden track off of the album.

Today’s song shares the title with the album and is just one of the best examples of what Coheed & Cambria can do within the progressive rock genre. There are distinctive movements throughout this 8 minute track that range from galloping guitars, to minimalist picking with subdued drums, and all the way into a chorus chanting finale that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up everytime I hear the track.

The story to go along with the song: Basically this song takes place on a lead up to a battle between the Red Army of Wilhelm Ryan and the Rebels led by Jesse Kilgannon (aka Inferno). There are subtle elements to let you know that he’s preparing his men to die at the hands of the Red Army (“we’ll have you dead pretty soon”), yet he wants his men to be ready as he calls for them to man their own “jackhammer” and man their battlestations. There are some other bits in the song leading to believe that he’s also putting a ton of thought into his ‘children’ joining him on the battlefield. His children being fellow IRO-Bots that each have their own special abilities, Sizer is great at brute force, Chase (the one that they call the vision bares the gift) is a very strong psionic adept, and Michael (the pilot) of the Grail Arbor.

Sizer is actually a big part of the album considering he is captured, tortured, dissected, and tossed out on the streets of Shylos 10. Chase, along with the Prise is responsible for turning the tide of the battle on this song. The same battle that leads to the capture, trial, and seeming execution of Wilhelm Ryan…the one who defies the God of the Keywork.

The universe that comes into play on just ONE of the band’s albums is enough to fill volumes of text and has done so much for me in the way of inspiring my own creative writing, that I don’t think I’ll be able to ever state how important this group’s music has been to me…keep in mind that this is just week #1 of the month of Co&Ca. Hopefully you too are starting to develop some appreciation for the group by now.

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