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Here we are, it’s Thursday, and we’ve only got one more day to power through the rest of Coheed & Cambria’s epic second album, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3. I only hope I’m not blowing my load on today’s track.

The song for today, doesn’t actually have a title on the album as it’s a hidden track, but most people refer to it as “21:13” as it begins after 21 minutes and 12 seconds of silence between the last song and this one. The number 21:13 is also important to the Amory Wars storyline, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

In the storyline of the albums, Claudio Kilgannon has been without a family for the last 10 years as he’s been hiding out from Supreme Tri-mage Wilhelm Ryan on various planets in Heaven’s Fence. On this album, he’s remembering in a dream all of the atrocities that befell his family those 10 years ago…the night his father murdered his brother and sisters.

Coheed (the father) murdered his own children because he was led to believe by general Mayo Deftinwolf that if his children were allowed to grow up to the age of 23, then a dormant virus named ‘sinistar’ would consume them and bring about the end of the universe in which they inhabit. This turns out to be not true, but in Coheed’s mind, it’s better for him to do the terrible deed than to have the military do so.

Claudio’s curfew on the night he was supposed to be killed along with his other siblings was 21:00 or 9PM for those that don’t use a 24-hour clock. He was given explicit warning from his mom to not come home late. Not wanting to put it off too late, Coheed poisoned his youngest children at 21:13 and then after his oldest daughter Jospehine came home after getting engaged and gang-raped on the same night, he slams a claw hammer into the back of her head to make the death painless. They were then waiting for Claudio to return home to finish the work when Deftinwolf shows up at their house to arrest both Coheed and Cambria to use as pawns in Wilhelm Ryan’s plans.

The story is soooooo awesome in my opinion. I know that there’s a ton of loaded information here that many of you might not care about, but these songs are more than just music to me. They speak to me on so many levels and tell a harrowing story that someone who has kids of their own can appreciate even more. I just love these guys. Sorry if that makes me a pretentious ass.

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