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More In Keeping Secrets but today. We actually have a video that has actual video and isn’t just a shot of the CD case. WOOOOO!

Basically, what you get with this little portion of the album, besides an awesome zombie themed music video that has NOTHING to do with the Amory Wars storyline, is this:

Jesse Kilgannon (aka Inferno) finally meets up with his nephew Claudio and begins to tell him of who he is, and what he must do. This isn’t the first time that Claudio was told that he must become The Crowing and destroy Wilhelm Ryan, because prior to this Ambellina (the ex-prise who has been watching over Claudio) told him who he was and what kind of power he possessed.

Claudio, instead of embracing it as an adult…begins to whine over the loss of his family at the hands of the Red Army and wonders to himself “What did I do to deserve this?”. As much as he may want to keep running away from his destiny, he has to face reality at some point and become what was foretold.

I first heard this song, “Blood Red Summer” on a demo UMD that came with my first PSP that I had at a time that seems ages ago. This was a new group to me then, and I actually found myself making jokes about him singing in such a falsetto voice…then I grew the fuck up and started to enjoy their music.

Only 2 days remain in this week and I’ve got some great tracks to wrap up the group’s second album, just wait and see what tomorrow will bring.

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