Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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Whoops, I just realized I had this scheduled for the wrong morning! DERP! Well anyways, here some more J-Rock for you to enjoy!

Today’s track is from my favorite Japanese group スピッツ (Spitz), the song is titled “遥か (Haruka – Far)” and is easily my most listened to song from this band. I’ve enjoyed these guys for well over 9 years now and will probably be a fan when I’m in my 50s. They have such a relaxed style and a great sound that will probably outlive me and anyone else reading this post. You too can find this track and so many others off of their Mikazuki Rock album.

Anyways, we’ve got one more day this week and I’m almost certain I’ll be bringing you another track from these guys. I’ll catch you then.

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