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Morning Cup o’ Music

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I’m going to culture the hell out of you today.

I know many of you have seen the movie Akira, considering it was the gateway anime to millions of Americans, but how many of you have actually cared to hear the entire soundtrack? Well you should try harder because it remains one of the finest examples of a movie soundtrack to ever be released.

The track for today is called “Illusion” and is great because it not only plays the theme for Tetsuo but it has a huge segment of the song, about 9 minutes of it, dedicated to playing out a good portion of a Japanese Noh play. What’s Noh? Well my friends, that’s where the culture comes in. It’s a classical art style from a time well before we were even considering exploring the Americas.

If you listen to this track and hate it, I can completely understand, but I find the entirety of this song absolutely amazing. Opinions are always welcome here at WPR, what did you think of the song?

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