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Continuing on with the anime songs that make me weepy theme I started yesterday with Wings of Honneamise, I bring you perhaps the most fucked song to be played during the Third Coming when we are all reduced to an ocean of LCL.

It’s very easy to divide the masses of anime fans into two separate camps, those who have seen Evangelion and those who haven’t. I fit firmly into the ‘have seen’ category…and sometimes I wish I hadn’t…don’t get me wrong it’s not because I dislike the show, it’s not that at all. GAINAX did an excellent job with this series. In many fans minds, it remains THE quintessential show, and is one that gave birth to thousands of weeaboos (I use the term with love people, quit getting offended).

The track for today is “Komm, Susser Tod” which is German for Come, Sweet Death. The song was part of the End of Evangelion soundtrack performed by Arianne. The best part for me, is that this is the song that is playing during the scenes where Seele’s Human Instrumentality Project comes to fruition. This scene is probably one of the largest mindfucks that I’ve experienced in all of my years of watching anime.

I’ve yet to find something that trumps the expanded dogma that they’ve used on this show and still haven’t had anything to compare to the two 45 minute episodes that made up the ‘real-world’ ending of the series. I hope you enjoy and try to track down this series if you’ve never seen it. It’s completely worth owning.

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