Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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It’s Wednesday and I’m feeling rather sad today. So to help get me out of this mood I have the one thing that can help, music that’s even more melancholy than I am right now.

Today’s track is from Faith No More from their Songs to Make Love to EP and retroactively from the album Angel Dust as it wasn’t on it when I bought it, but most versions now have it as the last track. The song is titled Midnight Cowboy and is FNM’s take on the titular song from the movie that shares its name.

Actually it’s a song that shares the name with the movie, that shares the name with a book if you must know. Not many people from our generation remember the movie or have even seen it, but it was a 1969 film with Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight which won 3 academy awards. I just happen to like the FNM remake over the John Barry original.

It’s a damn fine movie that was the only rated X movie to ever win in the “best picture” category…and it’ll move you to tears. Damn, I need to see that again.

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