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Morning Cup o’ Music

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It’s become a bit of a running joke on this website that I’m this giant Juggalo and ICP fanboy. Well I can’t lie…for the most part it’s true. It isn’t the quality of the music or even the content within that I like really, maybe it’s just the overall attitude of the group and how they’ve made a name for themselves without corporate help that I enjoy. There’s that and the fact that they’re white rappers from Detroit.

Today’s track is one of those extra special songs for me. The song “Juggalo Homies” is one of my favorites because it really does relate to the working class individual and of the friendships that come up in your lifetime. I have very few friends that I’d consider homies, but it’s true…friends you’d do things for, while homies you’d commit felonies for.

Listen or don’t…just don’t hate on this group mainly because you’re not a fan or because you think they’re stupid. Give something new a try and you might just find yourself liking something new. Regardless, tomorrow’s MCoM will continue the white-guy rapper scheme, but will not be an ICP track. See you then.

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