Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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Man, the Deftones have come a long way in a relatively short time. If you listened to their first albums, Adrenaline/Around The Fur, and compared it to their more recent work like their Self-Titled/Saturday Night Wrist albums, you can easily see that Chino has grown as a vocalist. Their early stuff was awesome but still very nu-metal, now they still have a very hard edge but also a greatly enhanced sound…showing that they’ve learned tons in their 12+ years making music.

The song I’m posting today isn’t really on any of their albums because it was on The Crow: City of Angels Soundtrack…I remember listening to “Teething” for the first time and just being floored with how fast and aggressive the song was. If you’ve never seen the movie, you’re better off (except for Iggy Pop being a villain), but the soundtrack is fucking amazing…get it, now.

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