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Morning Cup o’ Music

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It’s not often that I’ll reminisce about times long gone, but I do tend to miss the mid 90s, but the same could be said for anyone when they hit their teenage years. It seemed like a much simpler time, the music seemed better, and just more fun, but don’t get me wrong, I’d never want to go back to that time of my life. It’s better in memory I’m sure.

Today’s track is one of those staple 90s songs that I guess you could consider a one-hit-wonder considering I’ve never heard any other song from the band Spacehog. This is THE track to hear off of their album Resident Alien, ‘In the Meantime’…not to be confused with the song from Helmet.

Many of you youngins might recognize this from the playlist on Rock Band 3, which makes old bastards like me happy. Because you kids are getting a taste of how awesome the 90s were for music. I’ve got another jam from the 90s to share with you all tomorrow when we’re all off celebrating Turkey Day here in the US. Enjoy!

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