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Morning Cup o’ Music

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Ok ok, I’ve heard enough bitching about this week’s Juggalo theme…FINE, I’ll change it up for y’all. Today’s track is something a bit more innocuous. Have you ever heard of the group Underworld? You should have at least once in your life…especially if you’ve ever seen the movie Trainspotting.

They gained the most notoriety from Pearl’s Girl and Born Slippy, but my favorite track that the group made “Push Upstairs” was featured on their album Beaucoup Fish that was released in 1999. This was their fifth album, and it features perhaps the groups largest collection of experimental sounds.

It’s not a bad album by any means, but if you’re just getting into the group, I suggest that you pick up their more entry level album Second Toughest in the Infants, you won’t be let down.

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