Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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Oh man Dr. Mario ate up sooo much of my puzzling days when I was a youngin’. I loved just about every puzzle game that came out for the NES, but especially Dr. Mario, with Tetris in a close second. I was always ‘that guy’ when it came to picking the puzzle music who always had to pick the alternate track over the normal one, just like today.

I could have easily picked Fever as the track from the game to play, but I was ALWAYS in love with the Chill track. Just wait until it gets to 1:15 and you’ll see why I think this game deserves it’s own place in videogame music history.

If that’s too antiquated for you, you can always check out the OC Remix below. I refuse to admit that the Wii version of the song exists.

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