Mornin’ Cup o’ Movie Soundtracks

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Day two in our movie soundtrack special and it’s time for the magic of John Williams in Steven’s Spielberg’s classic dinosaur movie Jurassic Park.  The song I’ve chosen is Welcome to Jurassic Park and is probably one of the most recognisable in cinematic history.   Building up from a slow start as Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and the others approach the island for the first time and quickly realising things aren’t as quite what they appear, right up until we see that shot with Brachiosaurus and ending on a fairly dark note as we’re shown that not everything on the island is as magical as we’re lead to believe the song does a wonderful job of showing us every facet of the island without being to overbearing and in you face, in a word it’s perfect.

The song perfectly captures the childlike wonder of seeing something unbelievable for the very first time and I can’t help but feel inspired every time I listen to the song.

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