Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Metal

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Good morning whores! If my name was Mr. Peabody, I’d have asked my boy Sherman to set the way back machine to the magical year 1984 when Ratt was actually considered metal. That’s right, today I was thinking that I’d love to share with you all my love for glam-metal and it doesn’t get much worse/awesome than Ratt.

The song above “Round and Round” was probably the only hit the band ever had besides “Wanted Man”, which I’m sure some of you will remember is on the Weird Science soundtrack. Both tracks were off of the band’s first and most successful album to date Out of the Cellar, which featured Tawny Kitaen (yeah Whitesnake!) on the cover of the album…funny fact, besides being on Celebrity Rehab, Tawny was just arrested for a daytime DUI.

Anyways, enjoy this little slice of butt-rock heaven. You’ll never know when the next piece will float your way. Oh, and keep an eye open for Milton Berle playing two of the characters in the video above (one’s in drag…hint hint).

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