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Morning Cup o’ Metal

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I can still remember the first time that I heard Rammstein on the Lost Highway Soundtrack and immediately fell in love. I waited with anticipation to be able to get their first American release Herzleid and when I finally did, had that bitch on repeat for weeks. I remained a huge fan of their work until their 2nd album was released and while ‘Du Hast’ was a great single, Sehnsucht didn’t really have much more to offer besides ‘Engel’.

It wasn’t until the Rammstein came out with their 3rd album Mutter that I fell back in love with the band. It had the same vibe as their first work, but seemingly with more story attached and a more diverse sound that showed the group had been taking their work a bit more serious. The track for today is “Sonne” and it is easily one of the band’s most creative works. See if you can’t just guess the inspiration for the video.

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