Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Metal

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There’s nothing quite like a good Pantera song when you’re feeling down or depressed. It either makes you want to open a vein, or it helps you get over it. Today’s track is “Strength Beyond Strength” from their album Far Beyond Driven. It’s honestly one of the best southern metal albums ever made…considering we’ve used two tracks from that album this week.

Pantera was infamous for opening up their sets with this number in the band’s latter years. They’d have a curtain draped on the stage while they were setting up, and when they were ready, they’d kill the lights, drop the curtain and come in with the double-bass blaring. These guys were such a prolific band for me when I was growing up, it’s just too bad Dimebag had to go and get killed. I didn’t get sad when Cobain killed himself, but I got a bit misty when I realized I’d never hear Dimebag shred on the guitar again.

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