Morning Cup o’ Metal

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I’m so glad that I got to write today’s edition of Morning Cup o’ Metal as it means I get to talk about one of the best and most popular Pantera tracks ever.

This one is Cowboys From Hell, which is the first track of the band’s album of the same name. The album was the band’s first commercially successful after the previous albums which as you may know were much closer to glam metal. It was also the album which launched Pantera into mainstream rock music, a position they would stay in until the bands demise during 2003.

Also, it’s a live version of the song recorded at one of the Ozzfest festivals.  Either way pay attention at the end of the song, if you know your music then you’ll know what I mean!

I just wish that I could have gotten to see one of the bands which got me into metal music. Though I will always treasure the “Dimebag Darrel”  tribute edition that Kerrang! magazine  did a week after his tragic death in 2004 – it was truly  “Metal’s Darkest Day”.

Also,  it’s a little NSFW around the 4.55 – 5.05 mark just to let you know

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