Morning Cup o’ Metal

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If you haven’t heard of Nightwish, you need to get our from under the oppressive, crappy radio of the US of A and listen to some European bands. They know how to make metal. Nightwish is power/symphonic/gothic metal band from Finland with one of the best female singers I have ever heard, Tarja Turunen….at least they used to. The video above was the last concert Tarja sang with the band. Check out their earlier albums like Angels Fall First, Wishmaster, and Oceanborn to really get a feel for how they used to sound; the new singer just sounds like my mom and really, anyone can sound like my mom.

Their edition of Phantom of the Opera is one that I think just sounds amazing. They deny being a goth band and while I don’t truly consider them full-on gothic metal, they have some themes that are. Anyways enjoy.

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