Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Metal

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There are bits of me that wish that the American Nu-Metal movement would have lasted a little longer, then I look at my CD collection and see that I have not 1 but 3 CDs by Limp Bizkit. So yeah, some bands and songs that came out were pretty good, Staind was great until Aaron got all wussy, but Godsmack remained a somewhat consistently good group throughout their time together.

Their first self-titled album gave us a few top 40 hits that are still fun to listen to right now, yet when you look at their more successful second album Awake, many of the tracks are forgettable…that is until you pair them up with gameplay footage from Dead Space! The track you’re hearing is ‘Trippin’ and is one of their lesser known songs from that album. I might just have to give that game a second playthrough now that I’m reminded how creepy it was.

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