Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Metal

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I was introduced to All That Remains when I played my first round of Guitar Hero 2 on the Xbox 360. I was one of those people who doubted the fun-factor in a game that required you use a tiny guitar, but I was quickly hooked and became a fan of both the game and of the band.

I know that a few of my more recent favorite bands came from all of the rhythm games forcing me to try new music, it’s just nice that a good 40% of the bands I’ve never heard from aren’t shit, some can even be pretty badass.

This is the opening track on The Fall of Ideals and is the band’s 3rd outing into the American Metalcore genre. A little known fact about the album is that it was produced by the guitarist from Killswitch Engage (a MediaWhoreNetwork favorite band, more on them later). Though the most known song on the album to us gamers would be “Six”, “This Calling” is an awesome track that you might have been lucky enough to hear on your local radio stations.

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