Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Metal

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Holy crap, how could I have let this series go on so long without including a Pantera song until now? Man I remember seeing these guys with Clutch and Nerosis during their Cowboys From Hell tour and they caught the audience by surprise. You know those lags that happen between groups that most people go outside to smoke or over to the concession area to grab a beer? Well, Pantera being sneaky bastards decided to put up a curtain so we couldnt see them setting up.

Instead of the 30-40 minutes it takes for the road crew to get things set up, they had it done like 10 minutes after the one band left. They didn’t even bother dropping the lights until this song was into its first couple of measures. I wish that I could express the amount of shock that was on everyone’s face when “Strength Beyond Strength” kicked in with its visceral guitars and gluttoral lyrics…it’s as if you had a Red-Bull mixed in a 20 oz cup of espresso, a serious kick to the face.

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