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Ahh, KMFDM, so many years spent listening to you all and attempting to actually procure all of your CDs, did you know you were my first concert headliner? Yup it’s true, but that was during the Nihil album’s release so this, one of the better tracks to come out of KMFDM before their mainstream fans started to disappear, was only running around the addled brains of the rest of the band.

The album’s title was always referred to as Symbols by me and my friends, but in keeping with the group’s motif of naming albums with 5-letter words, many people refer to it as Curse.

The track today is called “Stray Bullet” and mainly talks about a character that considers themself a ‘illegitimate son of god’. The song is well known by its critics as one of the tracks that 3 different school shooters have listened to…leading many to think of it as a current generation Catcher in the Rye (look it up kids).

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