Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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The second day of Good Apollo Vol 2 is all lined up and ready for you all to enjoy. I only hope that you don’t get too grossed out by the video for today’s track.

“Feathers” was one of the few songs that they made an actual music video from this album, and it’s a great one because it shows a housewife getting meat for her family through some of the shadiest means. God, this video creeps me out.

The track is actually meant to be Claudio coming to terms with losing Newo and the fact that she’s pretty much moved on. He now realizes that the problems that existed in their relationship weren’t as one sided as he might have thought. This is essentially the end of Claudio and Newo’s time together as he must go off to destroy the Keywork and bring an end to Wilhelm Ryan and fulfill The Writing Writer’s narrative.

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