Mornin’ Cup o’ Movie Soundtracks

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This has been a long time coming but for this week only Morning Cup o’ Music is focusing solely on some of my favourite movie soundtracks from movies I love. This might be a score or song from a soundtrack that I just love but I really hope you enjoy some of the tracks I’ve got picked out for the rest of the week.

To kick things off we’re going with one of the closing songs from one of my favourite films of the year The Brothers Bloom from director Rian Johnson.  The film tells the story of two con artist brothers (Mark Ruffalo and Adrian Brody) who go on one last job to swindle millions from an eccentric millionaire (Rachel Weisz) but encounter plenty of complications along the way.

The song I’ve chosen is called The Perfect Con by The Cinematic Underground and appears towards the end of the film and as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell it takes place at during a pretty depressing moment in the ending but as the song progresses you can feel the hope reappearing before completely breaking out in songs closing moments.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the song as much as I did, personally I think it’s a pretty awesome way to kick off the week and this certainly isn’t the last you’ll hear of the Cinematic Underground this week, they’re doing some of my favourite movie soundtracks at the moment.

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