Mornin’ Cup o’ Movie Soundtracks – Supplemental

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What’s this you ask?  A bonus episode of Mornin’ Cup O’ Movie Soundtracks.  Looking back at my choices for the week I realised I was missing something very important, a montage sequence! Films like American Pie and Can’t Hardly Wait were films that shaped my upbringing and like most teen films featured one thing common, a montage scene where everything goes right towards the end of the film.

One of my favourite teen films was the 2001 film The New Guy which starred D J Qualls, Zooey Deschanel and Eliza Dushku and told the story of a guy who reinvents himself at high school in a bid to become more popular.  Towards the end of the film we have a awesome montage sequence which features everything coming together for the all of the main characters set to SR-71’s cover of the song Let It Whip.

It’s an enjoyable upbeat song that should get you in the mood for the weekend, enjoy.

There’s a bonus video after the jump for fans of Eliza Dushku.  I suggest you check it out.

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