Mornin’ Cup o’ Movie Soundtracks

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The Bourne Trilogy is probably the best series of action films this decade, director Paul Greengrass did a fantastic job of making spies relevant again by making Jason Bourne the anti Bond, so relevant in fact that when MGM got round to rebooting the Bond franchise with Daniel Craig at the helm they tried to incorporate as many Bourne like qualities as they could.

Whilst all of the soundtracks have featured a great orchestral score by  composer John Powell, one constant all three films have had is the song Extreme Ways by Moby.  I’ve always felt the song was a fitting way to close the films with it’s quite undertones of determination I figured what better way to close out our week of movie specials.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my selection of some of my favourite songs from the movies and I’m sure I’ll be back soon with some more.

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