Mornin’ Cup o’ Movie Soundtracks

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I warned you that you hadn’t seen the last of The Cinematic Underground this week and I wasn’t lying.  Today’s song is Emily’s theme from Rian Johnson’s debut film Brick which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Brick is a film noir set in an American high school where Brendan (Gordon-Levitt) is trying to track down the murderers of his ex girlfriend(Emille de Ravin).  The best thing about Brick is the way it combines high school sensibilities with the language of film noir and I can honestly say it’s one of my favourite films ever.  The soundtrack fits the film so well The Cinematic Underground really outdid themselves here, Emily’s theme is only short but it sums up the style of soundtrack incredibly well with it’s almost spaghetti western undertones that make the film feel on edge every time it appears in the film.

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