Mornin’ Cup o’ British

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Another day, another British band and today’s offering is Radiohead’s I Might Be Wrong from the 2001 album Amnesiac. Like Muse, Radiohead is another band I grew up with, with my first taste of Radiohead coming from their second album, The Bends. My love of the band comes from how they can mix ambient beats with some great guitar and bass work. Of course, in the beginning, they were just a traditional alternative band, but with OK Computer, they started to experiment by adding some electronica to their music, with the extreme of this being their fourth album, Kid A. This leads me to what else I like about Radiohead, which is that they aren’t afraid to experiment with their music. They had a perfectly fine sound with The Bends, but nonetheless they decided to experiment and resulted in their arguably best album, OK Computer. Their style of music has varied over the years and not every album has been amazing (I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of Kid A) but with their last album, Bodysnatchers, they’ve seemed to have found the right balance between alternative and electronica, at least in my opinion. I was going to pick a track from Bodysnatchers, but in the end I went with I Might Be Wrong, because it’s a good example of Radiohead’s blending of the two genres.

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