Ryan Thomason

More Trek in Robot Chicken. But, No Still No Specials

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Creators Matthew Senreich and Seth Green have confirmed more Star Trek related episodes in the next season.

Senreich though is still sticking to a comment he made on Io9 that the Trek Universe just doesn’t have enough to hold up for a whole special ala “Star Wars”, which is a pile of crap to be honest. I’m not just saying that as more of a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fan but when you have how many years of TV shows compared to 6, 2-3 hour movies, I’m calling BS.

To keep myself from going into crazy fandom mode and foaming at the mouth, I’m just going to watch this video (sorry Adult Swim keeps a tight reign on embedding youtube videos) instead and hope that Robot Chicken realizes the treasure trove that could be had.

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