More Steam Sales: Borderlands GOTY for $7.50

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I think I can safely say this game is recommended by everyone here at WPR. Yep, the GOTY Edition of Borderlands is available for just $7.50 on Steam today. That means that as well as the core game you also get all of the DLC for it, which consists of Claptrap’s Robot Revolution, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx and The Zombie Island of Dr.Ned. If for some reason you only want the core game then that’s available for $5. Each DLC pack is also available separately for $2.49 each and all of the DLC together is available for the same price of the GOTY Edition, which in that case, you might as well just get the latter, be an awesome friend and give your extra copy to someone. If you like an insane amount of weapon customization, lots of looting, RPGs and First Person Shooters then you probably like Borderlands. It’s also crazily long if you do the sidequests. The core game alone will last 30 hours at least and then there’s the DLC. Go on, you might as well buy it, you Steam sale addict.

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