More retro sex on the go: N+

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I know that most of you aren’t that fond of handhelds and their short games, but what the hell, I’m a retro gamer as well, and N+ has that retro felling. The hard difficulty, simple graphics, no need for a complex story, and is insanely addictive to keep you begging for more retro goodness.

Then again, it’s a game that is based from a flash game that is free for everyone. Maybe you’d think “Why the hell would I want to pay 20 dorra for a free flash game?”. Well, this game is not for everyone and let me tell you why.

N+ is hard, really hard, it doesn’t waste time on being nice with the player, the game is going to rape you without any advice, it even has a statics that only tell you how many times you’ve died and a list of what did kill you. That’s why this game ain’t for everyone because it’s not forgiving, so it’s a game for the “hardcore” crowd out there or for those who have fond memories on being killed over and over again in games like the NES Ninja Gaiden games.

But there is something strangely satisfactory in running as fast as possible, dodging lasers, traps, bots and homing missiles, your worst enemy, while trying to open the door to exit the stage against the time while collecting gold pieces to unlock more maps and stuff.

Your only weapon here is your skill. You run, jump and wall jump to avoid every obstacle as fast as possible and you have to learn how to use the momentum to jump higher and farther with the wall jump. As it sounds the game is simple, but in execution it just works smoothly as putting oil on a latina bum (lame joke is lame). The controls are spot on, and if you fail in any stage is because you absolutely suck and need to get better at the game, memorization is everything in this game. The graphics as said before is simple, and works to give that retro feeling that any whore out there would love.

I said this and I’ll say it again, the game isn’t for everyone, but for the folks who like a game with a punishing difficulty, however, are going to be all over it, and those who do will discover an addictive game that is just plain fun. And for those who wants more challenges can download even more maps so the replay value is good for a 20$ game…so buy it!

What? Didn’t like this post? “Real gaming journalism” doesn’t exist for us, just passion baby.

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