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More Pictures from ‘Knights of Badassdom’

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Peter Dinklage is your lord and savior, therefore, you must see this movie.

Thanks to EW, we’ve got some more pictures of to give us a taste of how the movie looks to be showing up. I know this movie isn’t going to be some big huge blockbuster, but come on, this has geek written all over it. For that, they’ll get my ass into the theater and probably a dvd or blu-ray sale.

Director Joe Lynch had this to say during the interview:

Zahn and Dinklage play Eric and Hung, two friends obsessed with Live-Action Role Play (a.k.a. LARPing) who decide their depressed roommate, Joe (Kwanten) needs to join in their fake-armor and foam-sword reindeer games. “ Joe is a wannabe rockstar whose girlfriend (Margarita Levieva) broke up with him, his band is kaput, he lost his job, and his buddies are like, ‘Look you had a bad day, but instead of going to a bar, come with us and go LARPing and escape. Live outside your box a little.

So Joe dives deep into the world of geek, only to have Eric inadvertently perform a real spell from a creepy old book he bought off eBay. Turns out the book was penned by demons, and a succubus is now roaming the campsite where hundreds of people dressed as knights, elves, and warlocks are playing make-believe.

Oh, and since Joe was the focus of the spell, the demon has taken the form of the girl who ditched him – which means Levieva spends a lot of time creepily seducing – and then shredding – a lot of nerd flesh.

How can that not sound awesome to you? I can’t wait for more information to come out of Comic Con. (where they are premiering the movie)

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