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More New Author Announcements from Seventh Star Press

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Urban Fantasy? Angel killers? Sign me up! I just got the news from our good friends over at Seventh Star Press about their new Urban Fantasy Series they just acquired called ‘The Angelkiller Triad’ written by H. David Blalock. For being a small press, these guys just keep adding quality to their rosters (D.A Adams’ The Brotherhood of Dwarves was their other recent acquisition) Blalock has 35 years of writing experience and has been published in book and online mediums countless times. It’s only natural that Seventh Star pick him up before anybody else could.

The first book introduces Jonah Mason, the oldest, and most experienced of the Angelkillers, an elite force in the Army of Light. They are fighting an ancient war, one in which the Darkness achieved a great triumph long ago that has had profound influence on the fabric of life as we know it. It is the simple answer as to why bad things happen to good people. The great battle may have been lost, but the war continues in a modern age, pitting Jonah against the Enemy in a way even he had never faced. A provocative mixture of the supernatural and technological, Angelkiller is a very special, thought-provoking tale, one that shines forth in the upper realms of urban fantasy literature.

I don’t know about you, but if I was holding the book in my hand and read that on the back of the book, it would be an instant purchase. We’ll keep you notified on when the book goes on sale over at their website, or through your eReading devices. The projected release date for the first book is in the Fall of this year, (2011 in case you forgot) Book 2, Traitor Angel, and Book 3, Doom Angel, will be released over the course of 2012 and early 2013.

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