More Mass Effect 3 details get out

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A Spanish Gaming magazine reveals some new details on Mass Effect 3, and Game Informer gives us two non-scanned pictures of Shepard on the Salarian homeworld. The biggest plot point we know so far is that Cerberus, the human organization ran by the Illusive Man, are on the hunt for Shepard at the beginning of Mass Effect 3. This will be explained at the beginning of the game, and there will be a number of different Cerberus enemy classes, such as assault units, ninja shock troops and mechs.

The Reapers will come in a number of different sizes. Smaller Reapers will be about 500-600m long where as the larger Reapers will be about 2km.

There will be a new class available to players called the Heavy Melee class. Users of this class will be able to roll, use a SWAT turn and use a greater number of melee attacks on enemies. Engineers will be able to build turrets.

SPOILERS: There will be a number of new locations to visit as well. Of course, Earth is a given, and Shepard and the gang will be visiting New York and London. Players will also go to the moon of a Quarian or Krogan world as well as Mars. No confirmation about whether there will be invaders coming from Mars.

Some enemies will also have weak points that you can most likely hit for massive damage.

Finally, there will be no vehicles from previous games, so we won’t be seeing the Mako or Hammerhead again.

Source: Bioware Forum, Gameinformer

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