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More John Carter Movie News

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Yeah, we’re like, one day behind, which is an eternity on the internet, but hey maybe some of you are like me and don’t spend all your time scouring the interwebs.

Fist off, three new official banners for the movies. Damn are these just so clean and dare I say sexy. (Maybe I just like purty pictures) You can really actually tell what the movie is this time around instead of the first posters with the cool looking symbol but unless you were “in the know” you had no idea what the movie was.

Next up we have a high res version of the KICK ASS new trailer. I’m really excited to see this movie, not that I already wasn’t. Note, Disney has said that a Sequel to John Carter (then they can add the ‘Of Mars’ that should be there) the movie would have to make $500 Million space bucks. Yeah, I’m wishing the movie the best of luck. Onto the Trailer!


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