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More iPhone News: Duke Nukem 3D Coming Soon

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I have no doubt that the iPhone is the hottest handheld this generation and is seriously damaging the PSP and DS’s sales thanks to gems like this coming out.

MachineWorks Northwest is going to be releasing the 1996 PC gaming classic Duke Nukem 3D to the App Store soon and immediately I’ll have an urge to go to the bathroom for 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay.

Apparently there is nothing censored out or changed about this version except for smoothed out sprites (which still look a bit assy up-close). The wisecracks, strippers, and neck-hole toilet scene are all there. We have no idea about price at the moment, but I’d wager that it would cost anywhere from $4.99 to $9.99.

The controls won’t be as perfect as a keyboard/mouse combination, but probably aren’t bad for a FPS on a touchscreen device. I especially like the ‘touch to kill’ feature where you just point and tap tap tap the enemy until they’re dead. I know that both Nikmonroe and I will probably pick this one up when it hits the app store, expect a review when we get to it.

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