More Hitman Absolution Details Emerge

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A dozen Hollywood actors have lent their vocal talents to IO Interactive’s latest Hitman game. Keith Carradine will voice the game’s villian Blake Dexter and Marsha Thomson will be voicing Diana Burnwood. There are no details on what kind of character Blake Dexter is, but Thomson will be Agent 47’s handler and has a close relationship with the Hitman. Thomason said that “Diana is 47’s only true human contact. They’ve known each other an extremely long time, and in the Hitman world, she is what Q is to James Bond. So she sets the assignments, tells him where to go and who to kill.”

The two actors also went through performance capture for the game. They had to do full-body acting while facial and voice capture was done at the same time.

Tore Blystad, game director at IO Interactive, says that Hitman: Absolution will be more stylized, serious and darker than previous games, which seems like a bit of a meaningless statement considering the Hitman series focuses on a cold blooded assassin. We also have a first taste of where Agent 47 will be going as it is confirmed in the Interview with Hollywood Reporter that Chicago will be a location for the US portion of the game.

The fifth Hitman game was announced in March 2010, but it was only this week that it was truly confirmed with a teaser trailer, which you can find in our earlier post.

Hollywood Reporter

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