More Fallout New Vegas DLC announced

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Bethesda have announced today that they will be bringing three new DLC packs to Fallout New Vegas this month and the following two months.

The first pack, Honest Hearts, will be available on May 17th. You’ll be visiting Utah’s Zion National Park. You think you’re on a nice relaxing expedition only for everything to go all The Omen and before you know it, you’ll be thrust into the middle of a tribal war. It is unconfirmed whether some of the staff members of WatchPlayRead will be making cameos in the DLC, due to the location.

The second pack, Old World Blues, will be out in June. In that you’ll discover the origins of Mojave’s Mutated Monsters, which probably only makes sense to those who have played the game. You’ll be a guinea pig for a lab experiment gone horribly wrong and you can either fight your kidnappers or team up against a larger foe.

Finally, the third pack, Lonesome Road, will be out in July. The Courier’s story will come to a conclusion as you are contacted by the original Courier Six. He will tell you why he made his choice at the beginning of the game if you go on one job for him in the Divide, an earthquake and storm filled canyon. Sounds like a fair deal.

Each of these DLC packs will be available for 800MSP/$9.99 on PSN and Steam/Direct2Drive. That will mean by the end of July, there will be four pieces of DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, with another few months marking a year since its release. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a GOTY Edition announced soon, or at E3.

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