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More Elfquest Movie News

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Come on, I know I wasn’t the only kid that got these books at the public library because they had boobies in it.

Though, I don’t know what that would mean for the eventual (hopefully) long awaited movie adaption of the graphic novel series by Richard and Wendy Pini. Warner Bros has renewed their option for the movie rights, which can only be a good sign, even better that they’re working on the script. Will Warner Bros be hoping this is their next version of the Harry Potter franchise that netted them a gazillion dollars? I can only hope.

Deadline reports:

Joe Ahearne has sold an untitled supernatural thriller pitch to Warner Bros… It’s the British writer’s second deal with Warner Bros, which recently hired him to rewrite ElfQuest for Rawson Thurber to direct. Thurber wrote the original draft. Ahearne will write ElfQuest and start the new pitch at the same time.

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