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More Details on Magic: The Gathering: Commander from PAX East.

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According to the official Magic: The Gathering Facebook page more details have been released for this upcoming multiplayer magic product.

From the original post

R&D is having a panel at PAX East! We just announced details of the upcoming Commander products. 5 Different Commander decks will be available this summer (June). Full 100 card decks, at least 18 rares, & 51 unique cards.

18 rares?! That will top most of their other preconstructed decks for most rares included in a product. It is worth nothing that there will be 51 new cards that will only be available in this product (as well as even if they are “rares”, it won’t matter because each card can only appear in a deck once.). But even so, I’ve been excited for this product since it was announced. Playing Commander Magic is one of my favorite things to do. It focuses more on fun and casual rather than on cutthroat and competitive. As stated earlier, each of these decks will include three tri-color generals for each of the “wedge” colors. A wedge color is an enemy tri-color pair. For example, Red, White, and Blue is a wedge color.

June is going to be a very exciting month for Magic.

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