Moon Knight – Review

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I am Moon Knight…No, I am Moon Knight…No, I am Moon Knight…

How is Moon Knight like Spartacus? There are multiple answers to that question, first: never heard of either; second: uhh, they both have something to do with like Rome or Egypt or something; or third, final and correct answer: Moon Knight thinks he’s a lot of people and a lot of people thought they were Spartacus. If you have not seen the 1960 gladiator epic starring Kirk Douglas it is worth a see but that’s a post for another day.

Moon Knight/aka Marc Spector has always in my opinion been a second or even third tier character in the Marvel universe. He has recently been getting a little more attention as a member of the Secret Avengers and now his own series written by Brian Michael Bendis (but then finding a Marvel series not written by Bendis can sometimes be hard to do).

Moon Knight has always been the token mentally ill Marvel superhero, suffering from multiple personality disorder. In his illustrious career in addition to thinking himself the supernatural avatar of the ancient Egyptian deity Khonshu, the god of vengeance, he has at times thought he was a cab driver, a little girl and various other characters.

Personally, I am not terribly familiar with Moon Knight’s past but I enjoyed the character in Secret Avengers and have picked up the first three issues of his stand alone title. I figure that these issues have been out long enough I won’t be spoiling too much by just spitting out that in this iteration, Moon Knight’s split personalities take the shape of Spider Man, Captain America and Wolverine. Seriously.

Picture all four of these characters being played by Steve Buscemi in a live action Moon Knight movie. Who wouldn't pay to see that?

On first read I thought this was a bit too much, all those characters are already being themselves in countless books, was Moon Knight so pathetic a character that he could only be saved with a little help from his friends? Honestly, I am still undecided.

So far the split personality has been used in a fairly clever way.  A personal favorite moment had Moon Knight thinking he was Spider Man and having the complete crap beat out of him, the whole while “Wolverine” is begging to be “sent in” for the fight. Moon Knight says no,  and the Spider Man/Moon Knight continues to have his trash kicked. The usage of the personalities this way made for a more entertaining read and is what has kept me coming back so far.

However, the book has also some other issues. The first is its price. It’s a new series featuring a second rate character and it is $3.99, the price alone has almost kept me from reading, I would guess Marvel thinks anything written by Bendis is pure gold so they gave it the higher price point.

The second big problem I had with the book happened in issues two and three. It was a classic bait and switch and I hate it when comics do this. At the end of issue two it previewed the next issue with a big image of Bullseye. I have always really liked Bullseye so this got my attention and got me excited to see how they were going to work Bullseye into the story. Issue three comes along and who’s on the cover? That’s right, Bullseye. Again I am intrigued so I read the book and sure enough Bulleye shows up…but wait it’s not really Bullseye it’s Moon Knight dressed as Bullseye simply to test some former Shield agent Moon Knight hired. This was complete crap and felt more like a way to try and sell books than to tell a good story. When I think that I just paid $4 for the book it makes me even more pissed off.

STORY: 65%
ART: 75%

Now maybe I’m a sucker but I will probably give the book at least one more chance but if it doesn’t improve I won’t keep buying it. I am obviously leaving out a lot of the story but so far it isn’t very impressive but to be fair I have really enjoyed some of Bendis’ other projects so it is very possible for the story to turn around. The artwork is a bit gritty for my taste but overall is good and adds to the world that is being created.

Hey look it's Bullseye, hopefully this isn't a trick.

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