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I was watching Monsters, Inc. the other day with my daughter and I noticed a bit of throwaway dialog that made me really think.

Monsters UniversityIn the first film, there was banter between roommates Mike and Sully about how one has been jealous of the other’s looks since fourth grade…and yet, this newest showing from Pixar seems to suggest that the duo met in college. Well, a quick check about this topic revealed that the director for the new movie, Dan Scanlon, has already answered this on his own.

”Well in the first film, uh, they actually say you’ve been jealous of my good looks since fourth grade. And in the teaser they go on and on about fifth grade. So that was something we talked about early on. We chose college because we wanted to see their relationship develop when they were adults and not just still be more or less similar to the characters we remember from the first film. And we also felt like college is so much about self-discovery and figuring out who you are. It just felt like the perfect place to do this, but we had that line, you know, that line was out there. So we tried versions where they met young and then we kind of skipped ahead to college. And we knew we didn’t want to make Monsters Elementary. We had no interest in that. Honestly it became a thing where you sort of felt like you were missing the relationship grow, because you jumped ahead any way we sliced it.”

I don’t know why this particular line of dialog stuck in my craw, but it seems that I’m not the only one at least. Then again, the mere fact my brain works this way is saddening because there are so many other things that I’d like to devote the extra horsepower of my mind toward, not dumb factoids like this.

Many thanks to the /Film people for the quotes.

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