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Monkey Island for Xbox 360? Quick! Don’t Tell Ryan

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Much to the chagrin of our PC/PS3 loving editor Ryan Wilson, it looks like the newest addition to the Monkey Island franchise might just make an appearance in the Xbox Live Marketplace. According to Dave Grossman (the man who makes these decisions at Telltale Games), omission does not exactly mean that they won’t do it…he stated in an interview:

“Normally what we do is PC and one of the other platforms, and we’ve been bouncing back and forth between them…I mean I wouldn’t rule it out. We might do that one (Xbox 360) later on.

When pressed about other less popular platforms (PS3, Linux, and Mac):

“We just haven’t gotten there yet…Ultimately, we would like to be on every downloadable channel there is. We think that’s the perfect place for our stuff to be. It was just luck of the draw how the business relationships worked out and what chips were falling where…we have to get our engine working on the (PS3), which is quite a bit of work, so we only want to do one (platform) at a time…We’ll get there (Linux and Mac), but it’s a matter of how and when and can we actually afford to do it.”

The first episode of Tales of Monkey Island will be available first on PC this July 7th, with other systems to follow. Look to see Ryan Wilson’s obituary in the July 8th edition of the Buffalo, New York newspaper.

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