Modern Warfare 3 – Review

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World War 3? Bring it on.

Many of the writers here will rag on this game due it being very similar to the previous games. The problem is that there is a fine line that the developers must walk between making a reiteration of the previous game and giving you something entirely new. Like any band you listen to, if they change too much, you may not like it. If they stay too close to the same thing, you will complain that there isn’t anything new. I think Infinity Ward hit this pretty well. They have all the classic goodness that has come out before, but they’ve added in a number of new features that I personally love. So if you didn’t like the earlier titles, you’ll still probably hate this one. If you liked them, you’ll LOVE this one.

The campaign is fast paced and very intense. It keeps you moving at a brisk pace. The NPCs on your team make a good point to advance with you but not for you. So if you want to play a little more conservatively they won’t be leaving you in the dust, but if you decide to run and gun like Master Chief, they’ll be close behind. The actual story is a bit larger than life, but that makes for some truly epic scenes. That’s what the people want. Being in downtown NYC and watching rockets blowing up above you, sending debris everywhere, makes for some great ambiance.

Under Spec Ops they have the classic missions you can do alone or with a friend using xbox live or local split screen. I really enjoyed doing these mission on MW2 so I’m very glad they brought them back. A new concept they added that I have been playing quite a bit with some friends is Survival. It pits you in a locale with waves of enemies spawning and coming after you. It’s quite similar to the Nazi Zombie game from Black Ops, but the enemies are still alive and have guns themselves. They also get stronger and stronger with each wave. Early on they have little life and simple shotguns, while later on you have to fight against suicide bombers, attack dogs, and juggernauts (men in heavy blast suits that can take huge amounts of punishment). For each enemy you take out and each wave you live through, you get money that you can use to refill your ammo, buy better weapons, armor, and even support from predator missiles and bombing runs.

The multiplayer has the same frenzied pace as it always has with a variety of things to keep you playing. As you level up you unlock new weapons and upgrades that you can use. The perks you can choose have been changed a bit as well. You still have the classic kill streak rewards in the assault strike package, but if you find that you just aren’t good enough to get a high kill volume before dying and therefore never get them, you can change to another type. The support package allows for more support based perks than heavy weapons like bombers and turrets. The beautiful thing, however, is that the number of kills needed to unlock these perks doesn’t reset when you die. So you can have your best kill man working on an AC-130 for some heavy damage, while you can have another guy slowly adding up to get body armor and nice recon bonuses to help his team. It helps let every player feel like he is contributing.

In summation, I have to give MW3 a round of applause for fulfilling all the criteria needed for a rousing good FPS. Bravo.

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